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Goals for 2019

Setting goals and reviewing my progress year on year is something I have never really done before. I tend to have a rough idea of where I want to be in the year ahead, but never anything specific or actionable. This year that’s going to change! Earlier this year I read Think and Grow RichContinue Reading

Productivity Lessons Part 2 – Getting things done

 “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Mark Twain Oh, procrastination! How you waste our valuable time. How you take our ever growing to do list and make it sit around idly whilst we binge our way through another Netflix series. Just imagine for a second a world where drugs have been invented toContinue Reading

My Problem with Financial Independence

On Friday night I had a wonderful conversation on Twitter with Kali Roberge (@KaliRoberge) of the upcoming podcast series Beyond Finance. It’s pretty safe to say it sent me on a bit of an inner journey into why exactly I have started on this path to becoming financially independent and what I aim to getContinue Reading


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